Mount Equity Group Review

Nippon Kanzai Co., Ltd.

At Nippon Kanzai, we believe it is our mission to ensure that buildings are safe, well-kept and comfortable for a long time. Since our establishment in 1965, we looked after the precious properties of our customers based on this belief.
The social landscape has changed significantly over the past 50 years, and the needs of our customers became more diverse and more complex; in response, at Nippon Kanzai we adjusted the scope of work, widened building use we can manage and improved quality of our work.
At the root of it all is our unchanging policy—which is evident in our company name Nippon Kanzai; Kan means to manage and zai means property in Japanese. There is no doubt that this philosophy of ours led to what we achieved.

What exactly is the optimal method of building management? This is a question that Nippon Kanzai has long pondered, and will continue to seek the answer.
As our social environment changes, we as a company must identify which attributes we ought to adapt, and which attributes we ought to retain. We respect buildings, and it is our wish to continue to safeguard them; indeed, this desire is evident in our TV commercial featuring France’s historic Château de Chantilly.
At Nippon Kanzai, over the course of many years we have cultivated both an unwavering affection for and a clear judgment of buildings. Going forward, we continue pursuing optimal means of building management and, thereby, contribute to the creation of even greater value.