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Miyoshi Real Estate

The city of Fukuoka has had active partnerships with foreign countries for many years and continues to grow as a hub city in Asia. Increasing interactions with people from various countries will likely lead to many people moving to Fukuoka to live. In this context, we believe that the active distribution of real estate will brighten our future. Miyoshi Real Estate continues to follow our dream of developing our place of origin, Fukuoka, by welcoming people from other Asian countries. We aim to provide people who move to Fukuoka from foreign countries a happy life and to continue to take on the challenging task of contributing to Asia’s development from Fukuoka.

Our Service
Rental Management
Miyoshi Real Estate originated as a rental management company.
Miyoshi Real Estate indeed started as a real estate management company. We provide important rental management services, including 24-h tenant support, lease renewals and settlement, rent collection, and rent delinquency reminders. We also try to increase the commercial value of properties by proactively proposing regular patrols; regular cleaning, maintenance, and large-scale repairs; and measures to fill vacancies.