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Axios Management

Axios Management is a leading property management company in Tokyo that focuses on a foreign clientele. From the start, it began as the only English-speaking and foreign investor-centric property management firm in the country.

The company has plenty of testimonials and case studies on the website to make potential customers feel confident. At the moment, they have 19 buildings and 69 condos under management, totaling 612 units.

If you have properties in Tokyo, then Axios Management might be one of your best options. In contrast to many other companies in Japan, the staff is English-speaking to make the communication flawless with foreign clients.

Axios Management offers a wide range of services to corporate clients, including:

Property Management:

Market Survey and Planning
Market Analysis
Property Audit
Property Enhancement
Continuous Property Analysis
Potential Added Income
Onsite Management:

Onsite Management
Rent Collection